Our Story

Crosspointe Church started out as a newly planted Church in Hampton Township. Beginning in May 2010, we met at the Hampton Community Center every Sunday. We were a mobile church, meaning early every Sunday morning we pulled up in a trailer, unpacked equipment, worshiped, and then quickly packed back up. In 2014, we decided to look for a more permanent place, and we wanted to be relocate to a place where there wasn’t a strong gospel presence.

Towards the end of 2014, we noticed the Ponderosa restaurant had closed in Harmarville. After inquiries and long discussions with the owners and our church family, we signed a mortgage in January 2015. Renovations began immediately, converting an old, neglected restaurant into a bright, thriving house of worship, and we officially opened our doors in August 2015. It truly was an exciting time for our church. Part of what attracted us to buy this property was the strategic location, high visibility and abundance of traffic. Soon after our doors opened, people began to take notice and we experienced many visitors. We grew enough that by Easter 2016, we expanded to 2 Sunday worship services. We prayed that we would be a church where people who are hungry for the word of God would find a home, and our prayers began to be answered. 

We hired a second pastor to help share the load of ministry in January 2018, and are excited to see how God will continue to use this church to be a Gospel light in the communities of Harmar, Cheswick, Springdale, Fox Chapel, Oakmont, Verona, and beyond. We will always be focused on our three-part strategy: to gather together on Sundays, to grow together during the week, and to go serve our Lord as we live in our various communities.