We exist to glorify God by making disciples through

gathering in worship, growing together in faith and

going throughout the world to spread the Gospel.

We Gather.

Gathering together in worship is the foundation for discipleship. Despite living in shifting times, we are rooted in eternal truths, the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. We worship God and exalt the name of Jesus through preaching, singing, praying and celebrating communion.

We Grow.

Growing together in faith is the catalyst for discipleship. We are created for community - we are called to love God and love one another. No man was ever created to be an island. We belong, not just to a group, but to a people.

We Go.

Going together in service is the target of discipleship. We reach out and extend the gospel message to a world in need, believing the impact of that service will change lives. We seek to be stewards of grace as we befriend and serve all the people in the church, community, and in the world.